December Newsletter

Care Facilitation
I. Overseas Vaccination Pilot Project: CDC recently published an update to the Migration Overseas Refugee Pilot Vaccination Project that CDC has implemented in conjunction with PRM and IOM. Briefly, this project provides an expanded list of vaccinations (DTP, hep B, Hib, MMR, OPV/IPV, and Td) pre-departure to refugees from the following countries: Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. The main updates to this document pertain to:
a. Timing of the project rollout: Malaysia and Kenya recently began implementation in September 2013, and Ethiopia began implementation in November 2013
b.Hib vaccine is now being given in all 5 countries.

II. Overseas Intestinal Parasite Guidelines: Overseas Intestinal Parasite Guidelines have been posted on the CDC website. They went live November 5th. Please find the guidelines at this link:

Partnership and Training
I. Webinar on Serving Congolese Communities: NPCT is offering a webinar titled “Strengthing the Congolese Community: Background Resettlement and Treatment on Wednesday, December 11th. Register here:

II. Refugees in Local Media:
a. One Book, One Philadelphia:
b. News-works Article:

Access-Focused Advocacy
I. Affordable Care Act Training: NSC in partnership with SEAMAAC has offered several sessions to refugee communities on the Affordable Care Act. The PowerPoint used for these trainings is attached. NSC and HIAS are both Certified Application Counselor sites to assist individuals in applying for coverage under the ACA.