Resettlement Agencies

The Role of Resettlement Agencies

Resettlement agencies work to ensure that newly arrived refugees are oriented to the U.S. health care system, are enrolled in health insurance, receive timely health screenings and access to specialist care, and targeted health education and support services. The specific health tasks of PRHC’s resettlement agencies are outlined in more detail below.

Pre-Arrival Post Arrival
  • Review bio, consult with medical partners, and plan intervention
  • Organize medical reception at airport, if needed
  • Schedule bloodwork, health orientation and screening appointments.
  • Create support plan for medically needy refugees
  • Enroll in Medical Assistance and appropriate HMO plan
  • Provide health orientation
  • Coordinate health screening appointments (schedule, escort, follow-up)
  • Coordinate access to specialist care and mental health care for those in need
  • Enroll medically needly clients in an intensive Medical Support Services program
  • Fill the ‘gatekeeper gap’